About Sunil

Sunil Jaiswal is often described by the people who know him as a man who has nothing to hide and a wealth of experience that he wants to share.

It is this experience that has helped several thousand people free themselves from their financial confines, liberating their minds and spirits. While his professional interest is to teach people how to buy property, Sunil’s fundamental goal is to help people help themselves.

After building a multi-million pound portfolio in the UK, he realised that he could add more value to the lives of people by helping them think out of the box, giving them knowledge and confidence to make intelligent decisions.

Through the power of mentorship and business development, Sunil has spent the last 18  years spreading knowledge and achieving vast success across four continents – and he doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

His positivity and curiosity have resulted in a well-rounded talent base, with an identity that spans many cultures and countless professions. He is an entrepreneur, a father, a musician, an investor, a programmer, and a leader. But above all else, he aims for his professional legacy to label him as an enabler. He feels a true accomplishment when he sees his teachings becoming a vehicle for change in an individual’s life.

Experience from decades of developing million-dollar portfolios and sharing cutting-edge investment strategy has benefited his students by teaching them the hard skills they need to build income, and the soft skills that will inspire them to fulfill their goals. This develops them as individuals and allows them to invest in their dreams through their successes in real estate.

From child prodigy to rock star and everything in between

Sunil grew up in the UK before emigrating to India aged 13 when his father retired. Learning computing in a class of over 70 students with just one computer between them, he managed to develop his skills to a level where he won a national software coding competition aged just 16. The following year he was banned from entering. The organisers decreed he must have some unfair upper hand.

He caught the eye of IT recruiters and was offered a full time position at 19, writing code for an IBM mainframe with nothing more than humble pen and paper and occasional access to the system that was shared between several businesses. Just nine months later he was offered four times his current salary to continue his work on the same system for another firm. With this company he visited the United States to code for Walt Disney’s warehouse system.

Whilst moving between roles, he worked on another passion, his music. Always enthused about music, he invested in an electric guitar and spurred his metal band Millenium on to significant success, appearing on MTV and opening for Deep Purple who promised to sponsor the young band to international success. This support never materialised and Sunil longed for more.

The book that changed everything

Sunil moved back to the UK and was making great strides in his programming career, hired out as a consultant to top firms whilst riding first class on the train each day in jeans and a t-shirt. It was on one such trip that a purple book caught his eye. It was “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert T. Kiyosaki.

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It prompted him to consider there might be other ways of making money than drawing a salary that traded his time for money. And that was a game changer. He started his own IT business and used the profit he was making to begin investing in property. Property profits far outstripped anything he’d been able to make in IT and by 2003, he was a full time investor, with a business partner and a hugely successful company.

More than money

Sunil quickly realised that just being a successful investor wasn’t enough. He had a real drive to share what he knew with others and help them transform their lives. He ran his first course with just 11 people in the room, nine of them friends attending for free. He walked out, shaking with excitement and knowing he’d found the thing he was meant to do.

The people in that room went on to invest £4 million in property and Sunil built a multi-million pound property training business in just a few short years. He became the UK’s leading expert in property and wondered what else he could do to help people connect with the opportunities that would change their lives.

He went on to set up and run huge Indian property exhibitions in Dubai and still holds status as a celebrity there in property investment circles. He experimented with different forms of disseminating his knowledge including online courses, mentoring and masterminds, teaching thousands of people how to become successful property investors. And he didn’t neglect his own education either, expanding his own investment portfolio and skills by diversifying beyond property into websites and other businesses.

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