Businesses & Projects

A successful Entrepreneur & Investor, Sunil Jaiswal has been a part of, and continues to be an active part of innovative, inspirational businesses across the world.

Property Investment, Mentorship, Innovation and Partnerships are a part of his past, present and future

Property Investor

Sunil started in property investment in 1999, investing in Cash flow generating properties. In 2002 Sunil became financially free through his success as a property investor and began teaching his Systematic Property System in 2003.

Sunil has inspired and taught his system to thousands of people across the world through the Systematic Property Masterclass.


Sumansa Exhibitions

Sunil started Sumansa Exhibitions in 2006 through a partnership with two friends who wanted to bring Indian property opportunities to Indians living in Dubai. The extensive knowledge of marketing Sunil has, stood the team in great stead to create the number one Indian Property Show in Dubai.

This goal was realised within 9 months of starting the business. From that strong start Sumansa Exhibitions has gone from strength to strength, still being the number one Indian property show outside India, across the world. Sumansa Exhibitions has also expanded to the Ramadan Night Market and the Dubai Property Show, which having already been successful in London will be coming soon to Hong Kong and Mumbai. An important partnership within this area of Sunil’s business has been the relationship with the Dubai Land Department.

The Dubai Cashflow Club

Since discovering the Dubai Cashflow Club in Dubai, Sunil was keen to get involved. Being an advocate of the game and the club, speaking at many of the events Sunil eventually took over the club in 2012.

Since taking over the Cashflow Club in Dubai, membership growth has increased significantly, with 346 active members holding 20-30 events in Dubai each month.

Additional Business Ventures

Through Unyqe, Sunil and team had 22 mobile apps built for the appstore, most popular app was Cursing José.

Sunil has a number of additional business interests including a property agency in Dubai, a list of developments in Dubai and a land development company in India.

Currently Sunil is continuing in his entrepreneurship by investing in and developing web based assets.

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