Genesis Property Mastermind

Achieve your goals by leveraging and surrounding
yourself with like minds.

The Key: Surround yourself with like minds.

For those who want to be accelerate their results, and be part of a community of successful property investors, The Genesis Property Mastermind provides an excellent structure to help you achieve your goals faster.

Property Training Courses

As a member of the Genesis Property Mastermind, you get access to all my Property Training (including the Systematic Property  Masterclass)

At the end of the training is where the journey starts, and the Genesis Property Mastermind is there to support you.

Monthly Teleconference Calls

The monthly teleconference calls are a very important part of the mastermind.  Once a month, we get on a teleconference call together, online, where we talk to each other.  We go through a number of things each month, but the most important part, are what we call the hot seats.  It is where you get a chance to ask the group something, maybe you are facing a problem, maybe you want to explore an opportunity, or you just need to brain storm, you can do that on the monthly teleconference call. 

Accountability Partners

Accountability is one of the most important things about being in a mastermind group. We need to hold ourselves accountable, and the way we do that, is by partnering with an accountability partner. This is somebody you can have a call with, once a day, once a week, or as often as you see fit, and the shear fact that you know that you have to call that person, to be accountable for the goals you set yourself, makes you hold yourself accountable, and therefore, you can achieve your goals a lot faster. 

Monthly Deep Dives

Apart from the monthly teleconference, we also have the monthly deep dives.  This is where our members share their experience, or expertise in one area. It is a great way to learn something, and it is also a wonderful way to share.  I can tell you so many ideas of new businesses, of new ways of making money, or achieving success, have come from these deep dive teleconferences.

Private Forums

And last but not least, we have the private forums. This is where, between the teleconference calls you can go online in the Flip Minds community, and you can share what is going on.  You can talk about an opportunity, or an obstacle, or just brainstorm something.  It is a way of staying in touch with the other members in the mastermind group.  This is a private section, only available to mastermind members. Also, there is a separate section in there, where you can write down your specific goal, and have members support you in achieving it

Benefits of the Genesis Property Mastermind

“Aha Moments”

I think for me, the most powerful thing is those aha moments, when you learn something new, when your beliefs actually change.  Those are life changing moments. For those of you that have seen me talk over the last ten years, you know that OP is the secret.  OP, other people.  Surrounding yourself by the right kind of people, in the mastermind group, is going to allow you to have those aha moments.  Those moments of inspiration, those moments of where there is a light bulb going off, where you suddenly realize there is a new path for you to go down.  That is really powerful.  

Build a Network

One of the biggest side effects of being a part of a mastermind group, is the new network of friends that you create.  I can tell you from personal experience, my family does not understand what I do.  They think I am crazy, but being a part of a mastermind group, guess what?  I am with a whole bunch of crazy people who are all on the same journey as I am, and it’s great.  I can leverage those relationships to create partnerships and opportunities, that can help me again, reach my goals.  That is really, really, powerful. 

Be Inspired

I can tell you, it is pretty hard to be in a room, full of like-minded individuals on the same journey, and not be inspired.  I have been inspired by seeing what people are going to achieve, by seeing how they do it, that really helps me, because when I am inspired, I go and create results for myself, and you would create results for yourself as being a part of this mastermind group.

Stretch Your Thinking

Have you ever set a goal for yourself and wondered if it was the right size of goal? That is not going to be a problem inside the genesis mastermind group, because you are going to learn to stretch your thinking. Think bigger.  Discover new boundaries for yourself.  Create bigger goals, and that is going to create, more challenges, and it is going to be fun working together to help you overcome those challenges, to reach those goals that you have set yourself. Expand your reality in the Genesis mastermind group.  


I love the fact that I can put an idea on the table, in the mastermind, and have different perspectives and opinions on that idea.  It is so powerful because I can suddenly see something that I could not see before. Maybe I can find a solution, that I did not even know about, because it’s what you don’t know, you don’t know, that is going to give you an extra boost to your success.  By brainstorming with a mastermind, you are going to get, what you don’t know, you don’t know. 

Avoid Costly Mistakes

One of the great things about having a mastermind group around you is can ask for advice.  You can ask, is this thing I am doing, the right thing to do?  And get feedback, because it is more important to understand, if you are going to make a mistake.  Using the mastermind group, you are going to avoid making costly mistakes, and make sure you are doing the smart thing in your next move, or your next action.  So you can leverage the power of the group, to make smarter decisions.  

Genesis Property Mastermind Investment

£500 Sign Up

£497 Per Year

*Prices exclude VAT

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