I went straight out to negotiate two Property deals and saved £45,000.

I have thoroughly enjoyed myself at your workshop over the weekend. I met so many nice like-minded people and learned so much about the smart way to buy property. Although I have experience buying investment properties, your workshop was truly something else and was worth every penny.

What I liked most about the workshop was its very clear and coherent structure, its detailed explanation of the whole property buying process, its practical exercises of stacking, structuring and negotiating a deal, and its 30 Day Action Plan.

I got so much fun and found a fantastic network of friends. I felt very confident, inspired and eager after the workshop because I knew that I will never need to be alone again … I can always turn to the community for advice and support in the future.

On Monday (the day after the workshop) I went straight out to negotiate two deals and saved £45,000.

A year’s income was made possible by two days training!

A thousand thanks Sunil

The knowledge you imparted to us is priceless and will serve us all in both the short- and long-term.

I have been busy doing research, and setting up a part-time job (boo, hiss!) to provide a temporary cashflow for business and creative projects (hurray!)

Where to start – A huge thanks to you for investing so much of your time, energy and creativity into the Systematic Property weekend. We received a quite staggering amount of information, all in a friendly, interactive environment…

It was wonderful to meet so many different people, all at different stages of development. In spite of being a complete novice to the property market, I was made to feel very much at home from the start, with every one of my questions were patiently answered!

In particular, it was great to meet the members of your team – their presence on the course served to reinforce the fact that your techniques are in practice every day in the ‘real world’.

It is no more than three days since we finished, and already I have begun to put the seminar into practice and am following up on my ’30-day plan’.

The knowledge you imparted to us is priceless and will serve us all in both the short- and long-term.

Best wishes to you and I look forward to staying in touch to keep you informed of the progress of all your hard work!

Everyone has a whoah moment in their life.

Hi Sunil,

Everyone has a whoah moment in their life, a figurative if the not literal moment when they wake up and realise that the world isn’t quite the way they thought it was. I had so many moments like that during the workshop that three days later I’m still buzzing with excitement.

For the first time, there is a way for me to accomplish my dreams which I can actually do, and which I can do well if only I try.

You have literally rocked my world, thank you.

For those who are considering this course, all I can say is that it delivers.

The workshop was everything I could have hoped for and more… (Chocolate pudding) ;)!

The 2 days were enjoyable and challenging, a real eye-opener.

I was sceptical at first as I am sure most reading the website will be. However you certainly do provide the tools and knowledge to become free, and after that, it’s our attitudes that determine our altitude.

I was worried that the course would simply be a talk or seminar, but the hands-on practical approach, as well as the support from the forum and community, is what really added value for me.

For those who are considering this course, all I can say is that it delivers. You will be given the knowledge without a doubt – the biggest obstacle after that will be facing your fears, learning to take risks, and understanding that there is no such thing as failure. For those who REALLY want out from the 9-5, for the rest of your life, this is it… the journey starts here!

Good luck to all that have gone before me and all those yet to explore this exciting new venture.

Sunil see you in the forums and your events 😉

I can move to the next stage of my property investment plan.

Thanks for an inspiring, knowledgeable and thought-provoking 2 days.

Having already got a couple of properties, I now feel I can move to the next stage of my property investment plan. To truly get on the fast track, I know you believe (and I certainly believe) that with the help of others anything is achievable. I wish you many successes and prosperity and it’s now time for me to catch you up!!

The course was more than worth the money


It’s taken a couple of weeks for me to settle enough to drop you a line. I wanted to say thanks for a fantastic weekend on the Systematic Property course. I have to admit that the closer it got, the more apprehensive I became because I SO wanted my decision to be vindicated … it feels like an awful lot of money to spend on a weekend.

Well, I needn’t have worried, because the course was more than worth the money. My head is still reeling and I’m still at the stage of researching my markets and looking for properties that stack, but I WILL succeed at this … I know that you have put all the tools for success at my disposal.

The forum is an amazing resource … in some ways, this will be of more lasting use than the seminar itself since, as the memories fade, there is a whole community online to share thoughts with, and to keep the momentum going.

Thanks again for all the preparation that you have put into the Systematic Property system. Watch this space.

We can’t wait now to start generating some passive income

Thanks Sunil!

A fun, exciting and very enlightening weekend. We now have the tools, a system & a clear understanding of what it takes to be a success as a property investor.

We can’t wait now to start generating some passive income – and working towards to our goal of getting out of the rat race!

All the Best,

I’ve always wanted to get into “the property game”

Hello Sunil, what a FANTASTIC WORKSHOP indeed.

Thoroughly enjoyed it, what a shame it had to come to an end. Then again, as you say, we truly are property investors now so get out there and ‘do it’ !! I’ve always wanted to get into ‘the property game’ but had always held back just due to the fact of not having the knowledge, confidence and belief.

Hey, guess what? I HAVE NOW! Thanks to you, Sunil.

By just following the simple to understand system you gave us I am definitely on my way out of the rat race……..ASAP!

Already working the system and can you believe it a Property Sales Manager is calling me in the morning to ‘chat’ ?!! Hmmmm………. Fantastic!

Once again, many thanks for a greatly informative weekend, take care.

Kindest regards,

You gave everyone the confidence to follow your system


Thank you for your email, and for a great weekend! I think you gave everyone the confidence to follow your system, and I certainly feel raring to go!

I’ll let you know how I get on, and no doubt we will be speaking again soon.

Kind regards,

Very practical, thorough and enjoyable workshop


Thanks for the very practical, thorough and enjoyable workshop.

It has certainly given me the knowledge and know-how to go on and create my own property portfolio.

I really liked the way you led it and for the positive, high energy approach.

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